Peer Academy programs for Certified Peers

If you are an already certified Mental Health Peer Specialist (MHPS) or Recovery Support Peer Specialist (RSPS), Peer Academy offers a variety of programs that can support your continued education and development.

For Experienced Peers

Peer Academy Career Enhancement (PACE) Track II

$3,500 stipend to you

(for full program completion)

Limited to Peers with a current 2-year Texas certification that are working in Peer roles.

Our Peer Academy Career Enhancement (PACE) program includes a variety of self-paced online modules on topics such as boundaries, self-care, problem-solving, and communication. This is highly-selective. We accept 32 experienced Peers per year. MHPS, RSPS, or Certified Family Partners (CFPs) that are currently working as Peers in Texas, regardless of where you were initially certified or where you currently work, are eligible. The program concludes in exactly 7 months when you complete all of the learning modules.


Be a Certified Peer Specialist or Community Health Worker (CHW)


Has not previously enrolled in, or is not currently participating in, any other Peer Academy program*

*Including Peer Academy Career Enhancement (PACE) Track I and II


18 Months or More Experience is Preferred


Approximate length: 7 months


Career assessment profile


Access to workshops for scenario and role-playing based-learning


Access to all of our online learning modules


Access to our online community and mentors


Participation in discussion and informational panels


Networking and Community Presence

Continuing Education Units (CEU)

Looking for CEUs to renew your RSPS or MHPS Certifications or to keep your skills up to date with new concepts? Peer Academy offers free Continuing Education Units (CEUs) covering a wide range of topics relevant to peer support specialists. Attending our CEUs allows you to easily obtain the CEUs required for maintaining your certification. And best of all, these webinars are 100% free for certified peers looking to renew.Β 

Why Choose Peer Academy?Β 


Online Training

Peer Academy’s training sessions are conducted entirely online, making them accessible from anywhere with a computer and reliable internet connection.


Certified Trainers

Our trainers at Peer Academy are certified and experienced peer specialists, dedicated to ensuring your success in the training program.


Exclusive Financial Aids

As a student enrolled in Peer Academy, you’ll have access to exclusive financial aid, stipends, and internship opportunities.