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Mental Health Impact Internship

Mental Health Impact Internship

Mental Health Impact Internship

Mental Health Impact Internship is a Peer Academy program that includes all the training required to become a Mental Health Peer Specialist in Texas, and additional supports to help you be successful. It also includes a $3,500 stipend for you. It is designed to help you as you go through our training program.

Before you start the application:

Make sure to be ready with:

  • 

    Letter of Recommendation

    From someone who can act as a reference on your behalf

  • 

    A front copy of your ID (License, Passport, etc.)

    In PDF or in an image format

  • 

    Recording a short video

    Please be ready to record a short video 1 (minute maximum). We ask that you provide a little background on if you are currently working in a peer related job and the reason you are attending this peer specialist core training class.

Application Guidelines:

  • οͺ

    Submit a single application for streamlined processing.

  • οͺ

    Register at least 5 working days before the deadline

    Early application is highly recommended.

Why Choose Peer Academy?Β 


Online Training

Peer Academy’s training sessions are conducted entirely online, making them accessible from anywhere with a computer and reliable internet connection.


Certified Trainers

Our trainers at Peer Academy are certified and experienced peer specialists, dedicated to ensuring your success in the training program.


Exclusive Financial Aids

As a student enrolled in Peer Academy, you’ll have access to exclusive financial aid, stipends, and internship opportunities.